Adjustable Back Posture Corrector for Women Men Clavicle Brace Support Shoulder Connector

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Are you suffer from chronic back and neck pain caused by poor posture? Do you want to look more confident?
Trofong clavicle support brace will bring you healthy and confident life. You just need to wear it 2 hours each day. It will remind you keep your shoulder back and head up. Over time, bad posture habits will be repleaced by good posture habits. During improving posture, you will feel chronic back and neck pain relieved.

Simplest but most effective way to correct poor posture
Easy to put on and fit well with adjustable velcro attachment
Breathable foam shoulder straps ensure comfortable wearing experience
Relieve chronic back and neck pain, fit for men and women

Hunch Back
Poor Posture
Upper Back Pain
Clavicle Fracture
Misaligned Spine
Loose Ligaments
Rounded Shoulders
Neck Pain
Osteoporosis Pain
and more…

Material: Foam + PU
Size: 27.5″- 47″ (chest)
Purpose: correct bad posture, improve slouched, hunched shouldersFigure Eight Clavicle Brace Construction,Provide firm support. Physically hold your shoulder back. Only wearing this clavicle support brace 2 hours per day, you will get good posture
Relieve Chronic Upper Back and Neck Pain, Especially fits for people who always sit before the computer for hours. The posture corrector will help relieve pains by fixing bad posture.
Adjustable Velcro Closure for men and women, fit chest 28″ to 48″, easily adjust the shoulder straps with Velcro clousure.
Lightweight and Breathable Foam Straps make it fairly comfortable to wear. Orthopedist and Simple,ideal for office environment.
Fashion Design and Well Built, can be worn comfortably under or over clothing


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